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Compression Stockings

1 December 9, 2015

When people think of varicose vein treatments, they often think of compression stockings. Many patients believe that wearing a pair purchased at their local pharmacy will help their varicose veins. However, if compression stockings haven’t been prescribed by a provider and fitted properly, they can become more of a hindrance than help.

In other words, using the wrong compressions socks might lead to more extensive health issues. Also, when a patient has a swollen leg or skin changes, this could be a sign of a more serious condition that could possibly threaten life or limb.

Therefore, consulting with Albert Vein Institute when you’re concerned about your legs is not just about a pair of stockings but also about the evaluation of potential health problems. Hopefully, your health issues are merely cosmetic and not serious. Either way, our evaluation can bring you assurance that you’ve protected your health.

If you do need a procedure, then most insurance carriers require patients to wear provider-prescribed compression stockings before they will insure any venous procedure.

Well-fitting stockings with the correct compression are very important to achieving your therapeutic compression goals. At AVI, we recommend at least a 20-30mmHg compression stocking for our patients. We have compression-hose experts who have been fitting patients for years in our Juzo and Medi brand stockings. Ill-fitting stockings can cause issues that interfere with proper leg circulation and lead to more serious problems like deep venous thrombosis (DVT).

Compression therapy has NOT been proven to treat venous disease, but it enhances other treatments offered by AVI. So before buying a pair of compression stockings, think about seeking a professional (complimentary) consultation from Albert Vein Institute – in Colorado Springs or Denver – to get all of the facts.

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