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Albert Vein Institute: Dr. Albert Named Top Doctor in Vascular Surgery 2017 by Colorado Springs Style Magazine
with Dr. Albert

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Dr. Albert Named Top Doctor in Vascular Surgery 2017 by Colorado Springs Style Magazine

September 7, 2017
Top Docs

Dr. James Albert Double Board Certified in Cardiovascular Surgery and Phlebology

The September/October 2017 issue of Colorado Springs Style magazine features its annual list of Top Docs, and Dr. Albert has been named among the region’s best. Here is the complete list of Colorado Springs doctors who received the recognition.

Colorado Springs Style and El Paso County Medical Society asked local doctors, in a confidential peer-to-peer survey, who they would recommend should a friend or family member require medical care.

“For the 6th year in a row, I am truly humbled to receive this recognition from my physician peers as one of Southern Colorado’s Top Doctors. I enjoy providing trusted evaluations and treatments for patients with serious and cosmetic varicose and spider vein problems.” With my sincerest thanks, Dr. Albert.

Please click here to read the official list of Top Docs 2017.

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June 2, 2017


Dr. James D. Albert is personally involved in the hiring of all medical staff at Albert Vein Institute (AVI), assuring that only medical staff of the highest caliber works alongside him in the treatment of varicose and spider veins.  As a Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon, Dr. Albert has the highest expectations for the medical staff assisting him in surgery and providing medical care to AVI patients. AVI patients can be confident that there is comprehensive medical consistency at our two Front Range locations in Denver and Colorado Springs. The medical A-Team travels between AVI’s two locations to ensure the patients receive uniform care of the highest quality, regardless of which office patients choose to visit. By passing Dr. Albert’s highest standards of credentials AND experience, our Physician Assistants, Medical Assistants, and Registered Ultrasound Sonographers represent one of the distinctive hallmarks that differentiate AVI in the field of vein care providers across Colorado. Many of our medical support staff has worked alongside Dr. Albert at AVI for several years, some since the practice opened in 2006.

In addition to the exceptional medical team, AVI also has a first-rate administrative staff that handles all medical practice support and patient insurance needs. Unlike the model of a chain-vein clinic with multiple locations and a “call center”, you will be able to talk directly to our welcoming medical and administrative staff throughout your care and after-hours as directed. AVI is not a “clinic” but an accredited, independent medical practice that provides the highest standards of safety, expertise and care for patients with venous disease (varicose veins and spider veins). AVI is honored to be Colorado’s ONLY NATIONALLY ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission), and AVI is the only vein center in the state to have double accreditations from the IAC. Dr. Albert is always your practicing physician in Denver and Colorado Springs. It is his priority to ensure that only the finest staff work at AVI and that every patient receives the benefits from the care provided by our most reputable and experienced medical and administrative team.

Click here to meet the AVI staff

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April 24, 2017

There are several complications associated with having diabetes with two in particular as it relates to vein disease: vascular complications and leg ulcerations.  You may have read that diabetes leads to vascular disease; however, vascular disease encompasses both the arterial and venous components.  When vascular complications arise from diabetes, they are arterial complications and DO NOT cause varicose veins.  These arterial complications can affect the legs, kidneys, and eyes.

Foot and ankle ulcers are frequently associated with diabetes; however, these non-healing wounds could be caused from venous disease (varicose veins).  Many people with non-healing wounds are frequently tested for diabetes multiple times when they really should be seeing a vein specialist like Dr. Albert.  It’s been reported that venous stasis ulcerations cause up to 70% of all non-healing wounds.  If you have a non-healing wound, Albert Vein Institute may be able to help you.

Please call 888-550-VEIN (8346) to schedule your initial consultation.


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March 31, 2017

Unlike coronary artery or carotid artery disease, superficial venous insufficiency is not a silent killer. Patients without symptoms do not need to be screened for abnormal valves in their superficial veins as nothing harmful is going to occur urgently. You may have seen appeals from “Chain Vein” or other vein clinic physicians to come to their center for “vein screening” and identify patients who “do not know they have vein disease.” Patients with significant medically necessary vein disease have symptoms of aching, burning, itching, heaviness, ankle swelling, leg fatigue in association with varicose veins and large numbers of spider veins. This is why insurance providers do not authorize procedures for venous insufficiency in the absence of symptoms.

Venous ultrasound is not indicated in patients without symptoms and patients should be seen by a qualified medical provider to determine if an ultrasound examination is appropriate (see blog about FREE VEIN SCREENING). Many people have minor valve leakage that can be identified by ultrasound but is not clinically relevant and they do not need vein procedures. At Albert Vein Institute we have seen patients who were asymptomatic but had vein procedures performed at other vein centers. Patients should beware of scenarios where they are lured into an office for vein screening and told that a venous ultrasound has determined that they have a problem they did not know about. They are then informed that Endovenous Ablation (closure) of their superficial veins needs to be performed. It should be noted that leg pain could come from many other issues than just venous disease. Patients should be comfortable they are seeing a physician with extensive experience who will appropriately evaluate their symptoms and provide a physical exam to accurately determine if ultrasound examination or treatment is indicated.

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April 6, 2017

Dr. James Albert
Double Board Certified in Cardiovascular Surgery and Phlebology

For patients looking for vein care in Colorado today, for the record, there is no affiliation between Dr. Albert, Albert Vein Institute (AVI), and any vein practice that claims to be “Colorado’s largest network of vein clinics.”  Dr. Albert has practiced as COLORADO’S VEIN SPECIALIST for 11 years and counting after a prestigious career as a Cardiovascular Surgeon.  At AVI our focus is on quality of our vein care not quantity of vein clinic locations.  Dr. Albert is always your physician from your initial consultation throughout the duration of your care at either location in Denver and Colorado Springs.  AVI is proud of our accomplishment as Colorado’s only vein practice to receive the prominent IAC (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission) Accreditation for both Vein Center and Vascular Testing.

Click here to read related information in our blogs:  AVI: Colorado’s First and Only IAC Accredited Vein Center Facility, Accredited Vein Center Provides Best Outcomes, and Not All Vein Centers Are Equal.

The Internet has brought great things to our lives but has generated confusion for patients on issues described above. Phlebology practice websites (varicose veins and spider veins care) are filled with appealing glossy pictures and excessive irrelevant information about their providers that has absolutely nothing to do with the skill, experience, and yes, ethics of the provider who may actually be performing the patient’s procedures. Patients should beware of the bait and switch. Patients may originally meet one physician with adequate procedural qualifications. Subsequently they may be placed in the hands of another physician whose primary training was non-procedural and more focused around diagnosing the flu. Even worse they may be left in the care of an unsupervised physician assistant. There is no vetting of information placed on medical websites and patients should “trust but verify” by obtaining second opinions.

Click here to read related information in our blogs: Only the Doctor can be a “Phlebologist and Consumer Protection: Do your Homework.

There are no accredited fellowship-training programs in the State of Colorado that have official approval by a national overseeing healthcare accreditation organization.  The only official “Phlebology Fellowship” is at New York University in New York City.

AVI has earned the prominent and credible description of Colorado’s Vein Specialist from our time-proven system of accurate diagnosis, utilization of best available therapies, and appropriate follow up protocols to prevent recurrence. Dr. Albert has incorporated the lessons learned from 25 years of his Cardiac Surgical practice into an efficient and detail-oriented team approach with his participation and leadership for patient care in both facilities At AVI we frequently evaluate and complete treatment for patients who have received inadequate care elsewhere. Even if you are dissatisfied with vein treatment from years ago, you are likely still able to have improvement and resolution of your issues with Dr. Albert as your physician.   If you have any concerns about the treatment proposed for you at another vein practice, Dr. Albert and the AVI team welcome you to visit us for a second opinion.  We will provide an honest assessment of the accuracy and appropriateness of what has been proposed for you.

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March 22, 2017


Receiving free vein evaluations and free ultrasounds sounds like a great idea. However, in the wrong circumstances you, the patient, could become entangled in an audit. Government-administered insurance plans like Medicare and Tricare do not allow physicians to provide complimentary services valued at greater than $15.00 that may influence a patient’s decision in where to seek care. According to the Office of The Inspector General, this act carries a fine of $10,000.00 per violation. Any non-billed (free) discussion with a physician or non-billed (free) ultrasound study, no matter how minor it may seem, is defined as a violation for Medicare and Tricare patients. Federal agencies have recently issued significant warnings to physicians with respect to this issue.

Additionally, both Government healthcare plans and private insurance require a physician, not a registered nurse, to be the one ordering appropriate ultrasound studies. If you are a Medicare or Tricare patient who has received either a free physician evaluation or has had an ultrasound study ordered by a registered nurse, that physician’s office could be audited and the patient could be asked to testify. The same concerns exist with ordering of ultrasound studies by a registered nurse for all private insurance. Make sure your physician is in compliance with these issues, as what you receive for free may not end up being such a bargain.

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