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Albert Vein Institute: Insurance Coverage for Vein Treatment
with Dr. Albert

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Insurance Coverage for Vein Treatment

Insurance Coverage


Wondering whether your vein care procedure will be covered? Since symptomatic venous disease is a serious medical condition, much of what we do at Albert Vein Institute (AVI) is covered by insurance. We’ll work with your individual insurance company to secure your coverage.


At AVI, we believe in all facets of patient care and administration. After all, an informed patient makes better decisions, leading to a trusting relationship. With regard to your medical coverage, before we can submit potential vein treatment to your insurance for approval, we must gather information to prove that your symptoms are caused by a treatable medical condition. This information is compiled from Dr. Albert’s history and physical examination as well as an ultrasound examination.


It is important to know whether the vein practice you visit has expertise in insurance authorization. Insurance companies have very strict and differing criteria that must be met to prove medical necessity for insurance authorization.


We do NOT want you to be surprised about your potential personal responsibility, which often happens at large hospital institutions. We accept most major health insurance providers, including Medicare and Tricare. Some insurance providers may require you to have a referral to see us. We will let you know if this is the case at your consultation with Dr. Albert. We are here to answer all of your questions related to your insurance coverage and to make your experience at AVI comfortable and informative.  




Anthem BCBS

AARP/Secure Horizons



Friday Health Plans

CNIC Health Solutions


Great West



PacifiCare HMO

Rocky Mountain Healthcare


United Healthcare


Please Note: This list is not all-inclusive of accepted insurances. We also provide other payment options. Please give us a call at 888-550-VEIN with any questions about our insurance providers or process. We are here to ease the insurance coverage process for our patients.