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Albert Vein Institute: Physician Center
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Physician Center

For physicians

Thank you for your Referrals 

Dear Physician Colleague,

Thank you for considering referring your patient to Albert Vein Institute (AVI) as we believe that AVI offers the highest level of expertise and safety for today’s minimally invasive vein care in Colorado and in the country. Dr. James D. Albert and AVI Medical and AVI Administrative Staff strive to provide your patient with an ethical and expert medical and surgical experience in order to reach your patient’s maximum successful outcome and qualify of life.

Very Respectfully, 

Dr. James D. Albert, RPVI, FACPh

AVI Medical and AVI Administrative Staff

Dr. James D. Albert, RPVI, FACPh and AVI Staff consider it an honor and privilege to care for your referrals who might be experiencing superficial venous disease. Our scope of vein care expertise includes patients with serious medical problems associated with varicose and spider veins to cosmetic vein issues. Your patients with varicose veins are scheduled quickly for their initial consultation directly with Dr. Albert. As a Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon and Board Certified Phlebologist, Dr. Albert follows the highest medical ethics and safety protocols when evaluating and recommending potential vein care once he has determined that clinical findings are relevant for further diagnostics and treatment. Dr. Albert will always be the practicing physician for your referrals from day one through their final follow-up appointments. Dr. Albert priority is your patient’s compassionate care and their successful outcome.

As a Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon, Dr. Albert brings 30 years of surgical leadership, experience and knowledge to every patient. It is his firm belief that today’s minimally invasive vein care is a surgical subspecialty and patients should seek board certified providers who have the highest levels of microsurgical expertise combined with a comprehensive medical background and life-long experience in the highest levels of surgical care, safety and techniques. Your patients will receive the highest level of microsurgical expertise and experience as ONLY Dr. Albert performs the endovenous laser and radio frequency ablation therapies on your patients at AVI.

Personalized Varicose Vein Care in a State-of-the-Medical-Arts Outpatient Facility with the safest surgical suites under the supervision and participation of Dr. Albert

No General Anesthesia: Safest protocols of conscious sedation used as appropriate