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Albert Vein Institute: Nationally Accredited Vein Center
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Nationally Accredited Vein Center

Accreditation Equals a Commitment to Our Patients

Albert Vein Institute (AVI) has earned the prominent national distinction as Colorado’s only IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER dedicated to meeting the needs of patients.

The IAC Accredited Vein Center is one of the highest credentials that a vein practice can earn. It represents that AVI has gone above and beyond to safeguard our vein care protocols and safety for our patients. AVI is one of about 114 IAC Accredited Vein Centers in the country. It is noteworthy that Blue Cross Blue Shield believes in this national vein center accreditation as their insured vein patients are only allowed to receive vein care from one of the IAC Accredited Vein Centers. 

We are honored to be one of the nation’s accredited vein centers.

Who Accredits Our Center?

It is one of the highest accreditations possible for today’s minimally invasive vein care providers. By going through a rigorous outside evaluation and approval by a prominent overseeing healthcare organization whose mission is to improve patient care, the VEIN CENTER ACCREDITATION means that AVI has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND TO SAFEGUARD how minimally invasive vein care is provided to your patients.
Note: AVI’s IAC Accreditation in Vascular Testing is very important as the ultrasound component of a vein practice but is not the same comprehensive accreditation as an IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER. In addition, a national vein chain is not the same distinction as a nationally accredited vein center.

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October 19, 2017

If you are searching for vein care, you can be certain that you will receive the highest level of competence and care when choosing a vein specialist that has

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