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Albert Vein Institute: ClosureFast (also known as Venefit or VNUS)
with Dr. Albert

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ClosureFast (also known as Venefit or VNUS)

ClosureFast (also known as Venefit or VNUS)

Another technology for treating venous reflux is the ClosureFast (or Venefit), which uses radiofrequency heat to close and seal the saphenous veins.

The ClosureFast treatment involves inserting a small catheter into the saphenous vein, and uses radiofrequency energy to heat and seal the vein. Blood is naturally routed to other, healthy veins, and the collapsed vein in the leg is absorbed by body tissue.

The ClosureFast (or Venefit) catheter heats a seven-centimeter vein segment (or three centimeters for shorter vein lengths) in one 20-second interval. A feedback mechanism measures the heat parameters to automatically regulate therapeutic power. The heat from the catheter collapses the vein, creating a seal and occluding the vessel.

Unlike vein stripping, ClosureFast is a minimally invasive technique, patients are frequently back to their normal activities within a few days. No general anesthesia is required for this procedure, only local anesthesia.

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