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Albert Vein Institute: Topical Laser Treatment
with Dr. Albert

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Topical Laser Treatment

Topical Laser Treatment

The tiny, red or blue, thread-like spider veins seen on the surface of your skin can often be removed with a topical laser treatment. AVI uses a 1064-nanometer laser that penetrates the superficial blood vessel. The heat of the laser coagulates the blood inside the vessel, causing it to collapse and seal. The vessel will slowly disappear and be absorbed by the body.


The directed focus of the tiny laser means that the spider vein is destroyed without damaging nearby, healthy tissue. You will feel a pinching sensation as the laser fires, but topical laser treatment isn’t invasive and you should be back to your normal daily activities without delay.


Before any cosmetic procedures are performed, you will have a thorough consult to determine the correct course of your treatment based on your physical exam and leg symptoms (or lack thereof).


Dr. Albert will determine which solution will be most appropriate for each patient. Schedule your consultation today: 888-550-8346.