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Albert Vein Institute: Visual Cosmetic Sclerotherapy
with Dr. Albert

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Visual Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Visual Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Visual cosmetic sclerotherapy is done only on surface veins for their unsightly appearance. FDA approved, and not from a compounding pharmacy, foam or liquid is injected directly into spider veins with a fine needle, causing the walls of the veins to close.


If symptoms accompany spider veins such as heaviness, swelling, aching, cramping, then a medical evaluation will be performed to determine if there is an underlying medical condition causing your spider veins. If an underlying condition is determined, visual cosmetic sclerotherapy can be used in conjunction with CoolTouch™ or ClosureFast to achieve the desired results.


If no symptoms are present, cosmetic sclerotherapy can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with topical laser.


Before any cosmetic procedures are performed, you will have a thorough consult to determine the correct course of your treatment based on your physical exam and leg symptoms (or lack thereof). Dr. Albert will determine which solution will be most appropriate for each patient. Schedule your complimentary consultation today: 888-550-8346.