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As a Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon, Dr. James D. Albert has the highest expectations from his medical and administrative staff. He personally assures that only those with the best credentials and experience make his A-Team. With Dr. Albert’s thorough vetting process, many medical support staff members have been working alongside of him for several years, some since the practice opened in 2006. AVI is honored to be Colorado’s only Nationally Accredited Vein Center, and the only official VEIN CENTER in the state to have double national accreditation from the IAC (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission). It is our A-Team staff and Dr. Albert that assure AVI’s high standards of safety, expertise and care for patients with venous disease.


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Jessica Ochs
Physician Assistant
Natalie Bell
Registered Vascular Technologist
Moira Cruz
Registered Vascular Technologist
Tracy Burgeson
Registered Vascular Technologist
Medical Assistants
Tammy Duran
Medical Assistant
Melissa Gordon
Medical Assistant
Sara Bernal
Medical Assistant
Elizabeth Tagawa
Medical Assistant
Andrea McCollough
Medical Aesthetician
Administrative Staff
Authorization Specialist
Patient Care Coordinator
Patient Care Coordinator