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Albert Vein Institute: AVI Accredited Vein Center Colorado Springs
with Dr. Albert

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AVI Accredited Vein Center Colorado Springs

AVI Vein Center Colorado Springs

Albert Vein Institute is dedicated to providing comprehensive vein care for patients in Colorado Springs. Your varicose vein treatments will be performed with advanced equipment, utilizing minimally invasive procedures that aid shorter recovery and long-term results. We opened our doors in 2006 and we moved into our current state-of-the-art facility in 2009.


Varicose Vein Treatment Colorado Springs


Varicose veins are primarily caused by faulty valves in the superficial veins located in the lower extremities. When these valves fail to function properly, blood flow moves the wrong direction— increasing the load on the surface veins near the skin. When these surface veins cannot compensate for the increased blood volume, the veins bulge and twist like a knotted rope, often appearing dark purple or blue. Read More.


Colorado Springs Varicose Vein Treatment.


The Albert Vein Institute in Colorado Springs is a 13,500-square-foot state-of-the-medical-arts facility filled with diagnostic ultrasound and pulse wave Doppler equipment. The facility houses hospital-grade operating suites where cutting-edge outpatient treatments are conducted in a comfortable office environment.


“I wanted to create an environment where patients could get all aspects of venous disease—from their evaluations, ultrasounds, ablations and cosmetic services— treated in one facility,” says Dr. Albert. Modern therapies include CoolTouch® Endovenous Laser Ablation, ClosureFast™ procedure, ambulatory Phlebectomy and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy. Under Dr. Albert’s leadership, AVI’s experienced and exceptional-caliber staff provides patients with clinically superior care that sets Albert Vein Institute apart.